The WTMA is a 501 (C)3 nonprofit organization fiscally sponsored by Fractured Atlas. We are dedicated to providing learning opportunities on the craft and business of performing, singing and songwriting. All styles of music are welcome  and membership includes people of all ages. WTMA monthly activities include meetings with guest speakers, song critiques and performance showcases in the Ector Opry. In addition, the WTMA supports and promotes workshops, benefit concerts and  contests.

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Independent label is looking for young person to record and promote songs for local writers. Country/Pop

Must be 22 or younger

For details send email to:


ANGEL OF HOPE DEBUTS                                 August 23, 2014


A few months ago members of the WTMA started working on the song “Angel of Hope” for the West Texas Gifts of Hope and the Hope House in Odessa. The idea was to come up with a song that would represent what Hope House is about..

Hope House is a cancer respite home for people who come from out of town for cancer treatments. The dream for the Hope House was the vision of Mary Collier, an employee of Texas Oncology. The song was the idea of song writers Bruce Beaird and Dean Teagarden. Together they wrote and composed the song. Earlier this year members of the WTMA traveled to Nashville, Tennessee to record 6 songs and Angel of Hope was one of those songs. Bruce Beaird wanted to produce the music video centered around the 15 foot stainless steel angel that stands in the courtyard at the home. The idea behind the angel came from Dick Gillham. With the help of several people, and permission from the West Texas Cancer Center, the video was taped. Katie Smith, the featured singer, can also be seen in the video along with several other people. Katie is a former student at the WTMA and when asked she was eager to sing, record, and appear in the video. Many thanks go to Dr. Tim & Donna George and the Bagley Family for their generous help as sponsors. A special thanks goes to Charle Scott, Executive Director of Hope House, for working with us throughout the entire project.


Students at the WTMA recently completed a new music video for a group called SHARE.

SHARE partners with all members of families where there are children with special needs, supporting their efforts to establish and maintain strong and successful families.

Students used their new song writing skills to write the song and produce the music video.

“It’s a way for the songwriters to work on their craft and help our community.”, said Bruce Beaird,President. The group learns how to put the song together using local agencies as the theme for the songs. Members must research each organization to find out exactly what they do and then write the song. “I AM” is a video focusing on what SHARE means to the parents and siblings of special needs children. The song encourages people to take a closer look at children with special needs and see them in a better light. The music video is part of an ongoing campaign to help local agencies with a tool they can use to help bring awareness to their organization.

A new campaign has also been started by the WTMA to help restore the historic Rio Theatre in downtown Odessa. Funds from businesses and individuals will go directly toward this fund. When finished, the theatre will help beautify downtown Odessa, provide a new restaurant, and be a permanent musical home for the WTMA.


September 6, 2014

The West Texas Music Association is looking forward to the future. They have new plans to restore the Historic Rio Theatre in downtown Odessa for a new musical home. The theatre was purchased in 2010 by the Odessa Rio Theatre Corporation and plans were to make it a restaurant. The group wants to keep the restaurant idea and expand it into a new musical home for artists and entertainers. “With the plans for the new hotel and convention center going in downtown we feel like it is the perfect time to help beautify this wonderful old building and help restore a piece of history. Plans are to keep the theatre as close to the original as possible while turning it into a restaurant and musical home for musicians, singers, songwriters and performers. We didn’t feel like the theatre could sustain itself as just a movie theatre anymore but independent films are planned to be shown there.”, says Bruce Beaird, President of the WTMA.

Restoring the building and converting it into a restaurant and practice/performance hall for local musicians are the plans. The movie theatre style seating has been removed and floors will be leveled to accommodate restaurant table style seating. They plan on opening for lunches to start with while having music shows on Friday and Saturday evenings with dinner.

The group is raising money by utilizing the talents of the members. Songwriters research local non-profit organizations and then write songs accordingly. When finished they also produce music videos and donate them to the agencies to help provide a unique tool to bring awareness to their cause. The WTMA is asking for sponsors and donations to produce the videos and raise money to restore the theatre. “It’s a wonderful way for the songwriters to gain insight for their songwriting, help local non-profit organizations and restore the theatre.”, says Bruce Beaird. When finished the group plans to move in and make it a permanent home for local and area musicians, singers, performers and songwriters as well as serve the downtown area with a new restaurant. If you would like more information or to help please call Bruce Beaird at 432-238-5087. All donations are tax deductible.